Asphalt Specialties LLC.

We Specialize in infared asphalt repair

We are ready to service all your asphalt needs

Quality Asphalt Repair, Seal Coating, Crack Sealing,

​​Complete Cut And Replace, And Line Striping 

To Preserve Your Asphalt Surfaces

Our 2 ton box is heated to preserve the viability of the fresh asphalt mix

*also offering Gravel Driveway Renovation*

Applications for Infrared Heaters

  • Utility cuts
  • Potholes
  • Failed pavement joints
  • Oil Spots in parking areas
  • Cracked areas with no sub base failure
  • Settled areas such as dips in the road/parking lot or birdbaths
  • Reshaping asphalt to allow proper drainage & unwanted run-off.
  • Leveling frost heaves or trip hazards
  • Raising manhole & utility covers after resurfacing
  • Re-grading asphalt after driveway has sunk from garage entrance.
  • Adding asphalt onto existing pavement such as speed bumps and handicap ramps
  • Removing asphalt from wooden bridges decks or concrete parking structures
  • Make or repair joint between concrete and asphalt
  • Repair of approaches to bridge decks and railways crossings
  • Reshape areas around manhole covers to avoid damage to/from snowplows

Advantages of Infrared Patching

  • A 100% Recycling process 
  • provides Seamless Joints
  • Permits Year Round Hot Asphalt
  • Less Traffic Disruption
  • Allows For Off Hour Repairs
  • Repairs can be made in less than 20 minutes

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