7 Common Mistakes To Avoid When Sealcoating Your Parking Lot

7 Common Mistakes To Avoid When Sealcoating Your Parking Lot

Sealcoating is a necessary process that helps seal your parking lot, protecting it from wear and tear, water damage, and other environmental factors. If you sealcoat your parking lot properly, the sealer should last for years. However, if you make one of these top seven mistakes when sealcoating your parking lot, it could significantly shorten the sealant’s lifespan.

The following are the top seven mistakes to avoid when sealcoating a parking lot so that you can enjoy a long-lasting seal on your property!

1. Not Cleaning Your Parking Lot First

This is one of the most frequently missed sealcoating mistakes. Sealants can seal in old oil, grease, and even spilled food products. So, it is essential to clean your parking lot thoroughly before sealcoating – with a power washer if possible – to remove all dirt, debris, oil, and other residues.

2. Not Preparing the Parking Lot Properly Before Sealcoating

It is essential to prepare your parking lot surface before sealcoating because it will help ensure that the sealant bonds well with the asphalt. You need to repair cracks, potholes, and other asphalt damages before sealcoating to help ensure a long-lasting sealant job.

3. Applying Sealcoating Too Soon

If it has been less than a year since you have done your last sealcoat, or if the surface still looks relatively new and unmarked, then do not sealcoat yet. It is advisable to wait at least six months before sealcoating an area if you’re sealcoating for the first time.

4. Applying Sealcoating Too Late

If it has been more than three years since the last sealcoat or if your surface is looking faded and worn, you should probably sealcoat sooner rather than later. Applying a new sealcoat will help extend the life of the pavement.

5. Using Unsuitable Sealcoating Products

Not all sealers are created equal; therefore, you must determine which sealant works best for your pavement before sealcoating. An expert can help you purchase the right sealcoating product at affordable rates. 

6. Ignoring Drainage Issues

Drainage issues can lead to sealcoating thickness problems and sealer contamination. Your parking lot needs to have a proper drainage system to ensure water doesn’t accumulate on the surface so that the sealcoating can adhere properly.

7. Lack of Maintenance

Maintenance is the key to a long-lasting sealcoating job. The sealcoating will wear out over time, so it’s essential that you reapply at least once every two to three years. With proper care and maintenance, your parking lot sealcoat will last much longer, and your parking lot will always look clean, well-organized and beautiful.

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