Asphalt Infrared Heat Application in the Idaho Area

Asphalt Infrared Heat Application in the Idaho Area

Applications for Infrared Heaters

Infrared Asphalt Repair is a tried and true method to seamlessly repair cracks in your asphalt pavement.  It does combine hot-mix asphalt with existing, damaged asphalt and then compact the are of a smooth, seamless finish.  So check out Asphalt Specialties LLC serving the Idaho Area.

Things you Should Know about Infrared Asphalt Restoration and Repair

1. IRR (Infrared Road Repair) is simply the absorption of heat into the damaged asphalt to aid in the removal. Next we need to replace it with new or reclaimed materials and reheat to bond the patch with the undamaged areas.

2. The proper heating of asphalt is affected by a number of factors. One must always keep in mind that multiple layers must be heated individually and raked off before the lower level can absorb sufficient heat for removal.  This is a big step in the whole process.

3. The percentage and properties of asphalt have an effect on heating times. Polymer grades, mix designs and the age of the material play a very important role. For example, aged (white) asphalt will not absorb heat as well as new (black) material would.

4. Moisture should be avoided while doing IRR. While water can be evaporated using the IRR, during evaporation the heat could very quickly become excessive and damage areas of the asphalt while a more porous section remains wet.

5. Both wind and the atmosphere temperature will play a large part in making sure that this is done correctly.

6. Patch prep is a very important step in the process to obtain a lasting repair. Once the old material has been heated and removed, the edges should be squared off and tapered. The tapered edge allows for more surface area and ensures a good bond between new and old areas.

7. Add new asphalt to the repair. If using new and reclaimed asphalt in the repair, care must be taken to mix the two throughout the repair. Raking the asphalt into the repaired area will ensure new and old material will not become segregated.

8. Subgrade failures that are not repaired will only lead to future failure of the surface grade. For example, alligator cracking will look like it patched well using a surface-only repair. However, it will quickly succumb to the failure below and your patch will fail.

A lot of Information

Wow that is a lot of information.  So the biggest thing is to make sure that wherever you are repairing your asphalt, that you have it clean of debri, and that it needs to be dry.  Also you will need to make sure that you have it at the right temperature.  If it isn’t at the correct temperature, you know that it won’t work, and you will have to start all over again.

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