Common Asphalt Pavement Issues And How To Fix Them

Common Asphalt Pavement Issues And How To Fix Them

Durability and value for money are the main reasons why asphalt is the premier choice for driveways, roadways, walkways and parking lots. However, asphalt surfaces also bring in many maintenance and repair problems due to various internal and external reasons. The changing weather, the low-quality materials, and glitches in the drainage system are amongst the main reasons why asphalt stops lending support to your surface.

Asphalt surfaces in Twin Falls, Idaho, are bound to deteriorate over time. Although you can extend the lifespan by regular maintenance and repair, they are bound to bear some level of damage after consistent wear and tear. Asphalt Specialties LLC looks into everything related to asphalt and provides expert advice for asphalt maintenance and repair. Click here now if you want a free estimate from our professionals.

With asphalt pavement problems deemed to appear, here are some suggestions to fix common asphalt issues.

Alligator Crack

Alligator crack is a major pavement defect. The heavy traffic and structural failure of the pavement can be the reason of this damage. Weak surfaces combined with a poor drainage system are often the main reasons why alligator cracks start developing. Sometimes longitudinal cracks that go through severe distress progress to become alligator cracking.

If your pavement develops alligator cracking, the only way to resolve it is by calling professional experts to fix it by crack sealing. A full-depth patch restores the pavement and makes it look as good as new.

Transverse Crack

These tracks are formed in the perpendicular direction to the pavement’s center. The change in daily temperature from the scorching heat in the day to the night’s chilly winds has its toll on the pavement. The reflective cracks, the poor paving, and cracks in the layer below are also reasons for transverse crack development.

Here, an asphalt crack repair and professional paving surfaces usually do the trick in such a scenario.


Poor compaction during the pavement process can create depressions that end up penetrating the asphalt surface. Not fixing the depression immediately can cause the accumulated water to cripple to other parts of the surface and weaken it.

A simple asphalt patch on top of the depression can come in handy for a minor fix. However, the temporary solution will not resolve poor compaction during the construction process as the depression may reappear.

A better, more permanent, and costlier solution requires removing and replacing the affected area with full-depth patching.


Potholes are depression shaped bowls spread across a driveway or pavement. They form due to standing water, the changing weather, or a heavy traffic flow. The depth of the pothole determines its intensity, and if not treated timely, it further intensifies and results in more potholes emerging around it.

The asphalt problems mentioned above are a common sight in Twin Falls, Idaho. You need the best in the business to resolve these issues. Asphalt Specialties LLC provides you with complete asphalt maintenance and repair solution; click here to get a free estimate!