Compaction Times: The One Way You Can Pave Using HMA In Winter!

Compaction Times: The One Way You Can Pave Using HMA In Winter!

The time is here when temperatures drop, and the snow accumulates. With winters come cold weather conditions that can be hard on the pavement. As temperatures drop, the ground freezes and expands while concrete cracks; this causes several problems for drivers in colder climates:

  • Potholes form due to stress from freezing water.
  • Ice accumulates more easily on roads.
  • Salt has a more negligible effect on melting ice.

This situation calls for a professional who can cure these pavement ills. Finding an experienced asphalt paving contractor nearby hasn’t been easier. Asphalt Specialties, LLC, serving Twin Falls, ID, is only a call away to help you improve your pavement with HMA.

What is HMA?

One solution to help protect your pavement during the winter months is hot mix asphalt maintenance! Hot mix asphalt is a paving material used to resurface or rehabilitate roads. It is made of aggregate (stone) and binder (asphalt). The hot mix asphalt is heated and then poured over the road surface. This helps keep the ground from freezing, which prevents cracking. Hot mix asphalt can also help remove ice and snow from the road surface.

Having your pavement sealed with a hot mix asphalt overlay every few years is crucial if you are located in a colder climate. This protects it from the harsh winter conditions and extends its life span!

There are several ways to maintain pavement longevity, including:

  • Infrared patching is the best way to prevent pavement deterioration during harsh winter conditions. If you live in or near Twin Falls, it is essential to have your pavement sealed with hot mix asphalt every few years because of the severity of the weather during winter.
  • Crack filling – fill the cracks in the pavement as soon as they appear. Filling cracks keep water from freezing and expanding within the pavement, leading to cracking and potholes.
  • Overlays and crack sealing – sealing your pavement can help to keep it in top condition for many years.
  • Seal coating – The sealcoat is a liquid combination of emulsions (i.e., bituminous or acrylic) combined with water, silica sand, polymer additives, and other proprietary fillers and solids. The seal coat protects the pavement from weathering and oxidation.

The best results depend upon the density of the mixture used. A high-density hot mix asphalt (HMA) is essential to obtaining durable pavement.

Compaction is Key

Compaction is the only way to get a dense mixture. The process of doing this type of work is referred to as Superpave – an improvement on the older method that involved sledgehammering a road into place and then compacting it with rollers.

The durability of the asphalt-concrete mix is determined by its density that keeps all of the following factors under control: fatigue life; permanent deformation, oxidation; moisture damage; distortion; and disintegration.

The Gist

It is essential to take care of your pavement and understand the benefits of compaction. With winter quickly approaching, make sure you are taking all the necessary precautions to ensure that your asphalt-concrete mix stays durable through the cold weather. Asphalt Specialties, LLC, operating in Twin Falls, provides asphalt pavement and repair services. Get a free estimate, or for more information on how you can best maintain your pavement, contact us today.