Considerations For Calculating The Cost Of A Line Striping Project

Considerations For Calculating The Cost Of A Line Striping Project

Parking lot line striping is valuable and necessary for various purposes, including capacity maximization, curb appeal, and ADA compliance. At the very least, you should restripe your parking lot every two years.

According to the National Safety Council, Hundreds of deaths occur every year in parking lots and garages. Poor parking lot management and reckless driving play a significant role in these collisions. Parking lot striping organizes traffic movement and decreases the chances of collisions.

Since striping is a scheduled maintenance job, it is important to analyze and calculate its cost to better prepare for the expenses. As an owner of a commercial property, it is essential to budget efficiently and ahead of the schedule.

Asphalt Specialties LLC in Twin Falls, ID, provides parking lot striping services. We will paint new lines or restripe existing ones on any parking lot!

Costing for parking lot line striping can be done in various ways, and there are many factors to consider.

  • The number of available spaces in the parking lot.
  • If you have repaved the parking lot, then new strips must be painted.
  • It is essential to paint pedestrian crossings, signage or labeling, and arrows.

Minimum Service Charges

It’s important to remember that most contractors demand a fixed service charge for small projects (like thirty to fifty parking spaces). This minimum service charge compensates for the risk of underutilization of the crew, and the cost of equipment and supplies procured for the job.

While negotiating with a company for line striping or paving repair services, you should expect to spend between $300 and $500 for a primary line striping task. And approximately $500 to $700 for new layout work, such as on asphalt pavement.

New Line Striping vs. Restriping

Line Striping a new parking lot usually costs more than restriping an existing one. This is because a new parking lot will have to be built, so each line will have to be precisely measured.

Since re-striping an existing parking lot would be a much simpler job, the cost is also less. In most cases, workers would need to color on the existing lines.

Number of Parking Spaces

The total number of parking lot markings on the construction site would significantly affect the cost of the task. Road markers will probably consume about half of the line striping charges.

Asphalt Specialties LLC, in Twin Falls, ID, will paint new lines or restripe existing ones on your parking lot. We also perform stenciling and custom work. We can assist you with the layout for outlines, stalls, and stencil, and any custom marking according to your aesthetic preferences.

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