Crack Sealing Facts That You Should Never Forget

Crack Sealing Facts That You Should Never Forget

Crack sealing is a process that fills and seals cracks in pavement with a protective sealant. It is important to seal cracks before they get too big because if left untreated, the damage can lead to structural issues such as potholes and surface erosion. Suppose you live in one of the many areas where it snows. In that case, it is even more critical to seal the cracks because water will seep into cracks and freeze during colder months, which expands when the ice melts, causing further damage.

To help prevent these problems from happening all year round, we have compiled some facts about crack sealing that you should never forget.

Crack Sealing Extends the Life of Your Asphalt Driveway

When you crack seal your asphalt, it can extend the life of your pavement by up to seven years. When these cracks appear, they cause water damage due to the freeze/thaw cycle, which will break down the actual material within the pavement itself. This is why it is imperative to seal your asphalt whenever a crack appears. This crack sealing will fill in the gaps and ensure that water damage does not happen.

Crack Sealing Reduces Maintenance Costs on Your Parking Lot

Parking lot crack sealing is very important because this will help prevent water damage and keep the pavement in good condition for a longer period. If you do not seal your parking lots or roadways, you can expect to pay much more money on repairs throughout the years. This crack sealing will ensure that you do not have to spend money constantly but enjoy a long-lasting parking lot.

Crack Sealing Protects the Foundation

If water damage occurs, then there is a good chance that your pavement may start breaking up because it has eroded under the surface. This can cause significant damage to your foundation, leading to higher repair costs in the future. If crack sealing is not taken care of regularly, it will cause water damage and erosion under the surface over time. This means that you may have major problems with your pavement structure in just a few years if professionals don’t do crack sealing properly.

Crack Sealing Prevents Potential Trip Hazards

If crack sealing is not done regularly, there may be issues with the pavement structure that can lead to trip hazards. This means people visiting your property can trip over the cracks and hurt themselves, resulting in potentially serious injuries and legal troubles for you.

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