Fire Lane Signs & Striping For Parking Lots

Fire Lane Signs & Striping For Parking Lots

Getting a parking lot installed on your commercial property is a great way to improve your customer’s experience and drive more sales. Finding safe parking nearby a commercial property is impossible. Therefore, most people prefer going to a commercial space that is already equipped with this facility.

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However, owning and managing a parking lot is no piece of cake. Not only do you have to ensure that your parking lot receives regular maintenance and repair so that it can retain its functionality and appearance, but you also have to ensure that all other requirements are also being met—for example, the provision of security for parked vehicles or meeting ADA guidelines.

When it comes to parking lots, one tricky and vital thing that you need to see to as a property owner or manager is line striping. Parking lot striping is critical due to four reasons:

  • Effective allocation of space
  • Highlighting accessibility spots to meet ADA requirements
  • Indicating parking spots, lanes, crossings, and exits to drivers
  • Reserving space for a fire lane, private parking, ambulance docks, etc.

Jumping down to line striping for fire lanes, both drivers and parking lot managers must understand the reason why highlighting a fire lane is so important and why no other vehicle should be parked there. In fact, parking lot owners should ensure that no one violates that rule.

Fire lanes are reserved to provide emergency vehicles with clear access to your property. Thus, it is illegal for any non-emergency vehicle to park or obstruct that space. Otherwise, they will have to pay a fine for obstructing a fire lane area.

If you want emergency vehicles to seamlessly and timely provide their services on your property, you need to ensure that you have proper line striping done to indicate a fire lane.

Red paint is used to mark a fire lane in front of a commercial building. The curb needs to be painted red and have the words “No Parking, Fire Lane” painted on the red line (6 inches wide) with white (four inches).

Usually, water, oil, or latex-based paints are used for this. Also, signs and stencils can be used for proper signage to more clearly indicate the fire lane.

Be sure to give your parking lot striping a fresh coat of paint before the lines and signs are no longer visible to drivers, or there could be ramifications in case of an emergency.

It would be wise to precisely determine what the law requires from you as a parking lot owner. You can seek information from the relevant local authority or hire a trusted paving firm to help you avoid any liability by meeting all requirements for a commercial parking lot.

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