How To Prepare For An Asphalt Maintenance Project

How To Prepare For An Asphalt Maintenance Project

Saying that asphalt maintenance is important would be an understatement. It is imperative to meet your pavement’s needs, including providing it regular maintenance, which includes timely repairs. Giving your asphalt surface the care it requires will help it retain its look and functionality for a long time.

Despite the benefits and frequency, an asphalt maintenance project can prove to be very intimidating for property owners and managers. If you want to derive the desired results from your asphalt maintenance project, you need to make the necessary preparations. If you are unsure about what needs to be done, follow the pointers we have listed below.

Hire an Expert Asphalt Contractor

Many asphalt paving firms provide maintenance services in Idaho, all of which claim to be professionals, which causes a lot of confusion amongst property owners searching for a reliable contractor. However, you should not fall for a good sales pitch or the lowest rates. Instead, do your homework to find the perfect asphalt contractor for your project.

Get Your Pavement Inspected

Once you have found an expert contractor to see to your asphalt maintenance, get your pavement inspected so you can determine the exact condition of your pavement and can make an informed decision. For example, a cracked pavement can be repaired by crack sealing, crack filling, patching, and resurfacing, but which asphalt repair method is the most appropriate depends on the extent, cause, and type of damage; this can only be deduced through a professional inspection.

Research Your Options

Once you know what is wrong with your pavement, it is time for researching and weighing all your options, including techniques and materials. Next, discuss your findings with your contractor to find a suitable solution as your contractor will be able to guide you on the most appropriate solutions based on the availability of materials, local weather, etc.

Ask For a Quote

After the inspection is complete and a course of action is decided upon, ask your asphalt contractor for a quote or estimate to know how much the project will cost you.

Plan and Budget the Project

A necessary part of preparing for your asphalt maintenance project is planning. You will again have to collaborate with your paving professional on this step. Several considerations will have to be made when planning an asphalt project, including checking the weather forecast, delivery and cost of materials, etc. You will also need to use your project plan and the estimate you got from the contractor to create a budget to help you secure the necessary funds for the project. The sooner you are able to set aside the funds, the quicker work can begin.

Give the Surface a Thorough Cleaning

Before any work starts on the pavement, you need to give it a thorough cleaning. Blow away fallen leaves or shovel away the snow, if any. Remove all dust and debris. Carry out safe stain removal. And give your pavement a good washing with safe cleaning solutions. Plan your cleaning, keeping in mind the time it will take for the pavement to dry because a wet or dirty pavement can affect your project’s results. For example, sealcoating, line striping, crack sealing, and crack filling can fail if the pavement is wet or dirty.

Make Necessary Arrangements

Before maintenance work starts on your pavement, or even before the contractor arrives on-site, you need to make specific arrangements like finding alternate parking and sealing off the areas, and putting up signs to alert drivers that work is being done.

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