How To Repair A Decrepit Parking Lot You Have Invested In

How To Repair A Decrepit Parking Lot You Have Invested In

So, the parking lot you previously owned or one that came as a package deal with some other property is decrepit? The regular upkeep you may be familiar with repairing potholes or filling a crack or two won’t be enough this time. To properly restore a dilapidated parking lot, Asphalt Specialties LLC, serving Burley, ID, recommends the following checklist.

Part A – Repairing Parking Lot Asphalt

Parking Lot asphalt is not the same as concrete. How do we go about repairing asphalt? Take a look at these fixes and see how many of these you can manage.

Sealcoating the Asphalt Pavement

One of the many reasons asphalt companies seal coat asphalt is to prevent surface oxidation. Not only this, but this also controls the weather, salt, gas, and oil-related damages. If your asphalt is not sealed, the pavement will stick out and unravel. Seal coating best be applied every couple of years to ensure a proper and safe parking lot.

Filling Up Cracks

Filling up cracks will prevent water leakages from ruining your asphalt’s foundation. Keep water out and help your asphalt look its best by preventing structural damage. It is recommended you fill any cracks every year.

Pothole Repair Is Very Important

If water finds its way into your asphalt’s subbase, it will cause subbase erosion, tearing up the entire structure. You should be careful about this hidden danger. Repair any potholes your asphalt may have developed. Asphalt Specialties uses specialized cold mixes to cover the potholes. These prevent hazards and accidents, ensuring safe passage.

Pavement Replacements

Asphalt can last up to twenty years if maintained properly. If it is not lasting long, you can increase your asphalt’s longevity by replacing it over time. You can sign up with Asphalt Specialties for asphalt replacements.

Part B – Repairing Your Concrete

In contrast to its asphalt counterpart, concrete requires more preventive maintenance than constructive maintenance. This usually addresses minor nuisances like structural inaccuracies that may grow over time.

Take a look at how we recommend taking care of the concrete.

Grinding of All Things Uneven

In concrete sections, you will often experience shifts over time. They can become uneven, and hence, a cause for concern. You have to grind all the high sides to become even for everybody while driving and walking.

Deep Cleaning of the Entire Surface

Have professionals power-wash your concrete every six months. This cleans the surface and prevents half the problems listed here from happening in the future.

Protective Coatings are Decent Protection

Opt for an acrylic coating that will aid your concrete’s longevity. This also limits the need for power-washing. This coating has to be applied twice a year.

You can opt for parking lot repairs and more with Asphalt Specialties LLC, serving Burley, ID. Fill this contact form; we’d love to hear from you and schedule a service.