Is Crack Sealing The Best Choice When On A Low Budget?

Is Crack Sealing The Best Choice When On A Low Budget?

Are you evaluating crack sealing for repairing pavement cracks in a budget-friendly manner? First, you need to understand what crack sealing is and how it works. Once you know the basics of this method and its functionality, only then will you be able to assess the cost-effectiveness of this method.

We have brought together all the details about crack sealing in this article, from the procedure to its efficiency and durability, to conclude whether it is the best choice when you are on a low budget.

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Now let’s continue with our discussion about the crack sealing method’s cost-effectiveness and whether it is the right choice for someone who is on a low-budget. We will start with a simple definition of this method and then move on to other aspects, including durability and effectiveness.

What is the crack sealing method, and how does it work?

In the crack sealing method, working cracks (cracks that have more than 0.1-inch movement) on pavement are treated with a hot sealant. The sealant is applied to the cracks’ surface to block water and other liquid spills from intruding inside the pavement.

Basically, sealants applied to the cracks in this method turn into a rubber-like substance upon cooling, which leaves no way for the water or any sort of debris to mix with the road’s inner layers and weaken its binding that otherwise can promote further surface deterioration.

Is crack sealing effective?

So far, discussing a crack sealing method’s function has cleared that it is beneficial for stopping active cracks from progressing further in size or gravity immediately. This proves it to be an effective repairing method for cracks on pavement. Now, we need to see if it is a durable method to treat cracks.

The durability of the crack sealing method for pavement crack repair

Many professionals and pavement experts claim that crack sealing can remain effective for a period of up to 2 to 7 years on average. So this means that this solution can save your money by eliminating the need for investing in crack repair for several years.

However, property owners looking for crack repairing solutions should understand that not all cracks can be repaired with crack sealing.

It is essential to analyze the core reason for the cracks and then develop the most suitable solution for a long run fix. If you want any sort of assistance for repairing pavement cracks on your property located in Gooding, ID, please feel free to consult our experts at Asphalt Specialties. Click here to get your free estimate today!