Line Striping & The Cold: A Fickle Coupling

Line Striping & The Cold: A Fickle Coupling

Like most people, you believe line striping is a necessary evil. Did you know that line striping can improve your home’s curb appeal? That’s right – even in the cold weather, line striping can make your home look great!

But did you know that line striping and cold weather don’t always play nicely together? The two can be downright fickle when it comes to maintaining their relationship! Asphalt Specialties LLC shares how you can make sure your line striping looks great all winter long.

What is Line Striping?

Line striping is the process of painting lines on your parking lot or driveway. It helps guide drivers where to park, especially for large lots and complicated layouts. By adding line striping to your home’s exterior, you can ensure that any snow plow services can adequately clear out your space, so no one gets stuck waiting outside in the cold.

Effect of winters on Line Striping

As we all know, winters in the northeast can be pretty brutal. One unfortunate side effect of this weather is tolling your line striping. The ice and snow can quickly erase any paint lines you may have, leaving your driveway or lot looking messy and unprofessional.

Why Does the Weather Matter for the Process?

The process of line striping is all about creating clean, easy-to-follow lines on your property. It is more difficult to do when the weather is terrible and snow or ice covers the ground. Many contractors will not even attempt to stripe a driveway or lot during the winter months because of this very reason.

The most popular paint types for striping and marking are:

  • Epoxy
  • Latex
  • Acrylic.

Most of them are not suitable for use until the ambient temperature is approximately 45 degrees Fahrenheit. The contractor must also consider wind chill, humidity, and surface temperature; any of these factors can prevent striping even if the absolute ambient temperature is acceptable.

Because the pavement must be dry, a recent storm may leave enough moisture to make applying asphalt striping and signage challenges. Like any other type of preformed thermoplastic markings, thermoplastic striping materials are ideal for use under specific conditions. If all of your contractors are aware that they need to use their discretion when dealing with situations where their safety is involved, you should have fewer issues around this.

Options for Maintaining Line Striping in winter

Luckily, you still have a few options to help maintain your line striping during the winter months. One option is to use a salt or ice melt product before and after storms. It will help keep the snow from sticking to the pavement and minimize any damage that plows or shovels could cause. You can also try using a de-icer or heat cable on your lines to prevent them from freezing over.

If you find that the line striping at your parking lot in Ketchum is completely covered up by snow, the professionals can come out and clear them for you to get back to parking in style. Asphalt Specialties LLC is here for you. Contact our specialists to explore the options and receive a free quotation.