Make The Striping On Your Concrete Parking Lot Last Longer!

Make The Striping On Your Concrete Parking Lot Last Longer!

Concrete can withstand the stress and strain of daily vehicular traffic in crowded areas such as highways, local supermarket parking lots, and even toll roads. Since concrete is much more resistant to the damaging properties of oil and gas leakage as compared with asphalt, it has become a more viable option for paving premium parking lot surfaces.

If you have decided to install concrete parking lot pavement, then you need to ensure the line striping on your concrete lasts as long as possible. Are you wondering how to do it? Well, this blog post includes the top five ways that can help you preserve your parking line striping for an extended period.

Develop A Strategy!

A well thought out strategy to ensure that the striping on your concrete lasts longer is essential. Here is what you can do to make it happen!

1. Prepare the Surface for Long-Lasting Effects

Getting a stable surface is essential for long-lasting striping. The following suggestions can assist you in achieving the optimal finish for striping concrete.

  • A mild scraping can be done before applying paint.
  • Any stains should be removed. Oil and gas deposits can prevent paint from bonding to a concrete surface.
  • Before you start painting, get rid of all the marks which can overshadow the paint.

2. Even Out the Old Surfaces to Get a Finished Look

Experts encourage thorough and careful planning. This includes making sure that the surface you are line striping on is even and smooth.

Aged concrete surfaces, on the other hand, tend to oxidize and get mushy. As a result, you fail to get the striping color you intended. So, it is better to replace the old surfaces to get a dark tint of line-markings.

3. Which Paint Is More Durable?

Over the last few decades, striping paint manufacturing has improved dramatically. For concrete, latex-based paints are preferred. Oil-based paints may also work, but these are not reliable, and the contaminants will be harmful to the environment. This is particularly valid in parking lots, where the air exhaust rate is typically lower than in an outdoor parking structure.

4. Thermoplastic Striping for Long-Lasting Results

Striping is an essential part of any road construction scheme, and thermoplastic striping is the perfect solution for achieving it. The thermoplastic striping method enables faster striping and long-lasting impact.

Thermoplastic striping has penetrated the traffic markings market for years and has remained the standard of preference due to its efficiency, long service life, and low cost. They’re stiffer and more reliable and act as a light reflector during low-visibility situations.

Ultimately, ensuring the concrete surface is smooth and clean and choosing the right paint could make the striping on your concrete parking lot last longer.

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