Crack Sealing

Hire Us Today For Crack Sealing

Water is the number one enemy of asphalt. The intrusion of water into surface-level cracks, as well as weather changes, expand and contract cracks and cause further damage to your asphalt paving. Crack sealing involves placing specialized materials inside or above the cracks to prevent moisture from seeping in and damaging the base.

When To Go For Crack Sealing

You should call Asphalt Specialties LLC for crack sealing your paving when cracks first appear. This is necessary to keep water and other damage-causing materials from seeping into the base. Timely sealing of cracks is one of the cost-effective methods of maintaining the quality and longevity of your asphalt surfaces.

How We Perform Crack Sealing

Cracks need to be cleaned and dried before we can apply fillers or sealants. If extreme temperatures are expected, we may also perform routing or sawing. This allows for greater filler material to seal the cracks and prevents the cracks from expanding/contracting during hot and cold weather conditions.

Methods And Materials We Use

Our cleaning methods include wire brushing/brooming. We use the materials for crack sealing, including asphalt emulsions, asphalt rubber, rubberized sealants, polymer and rubber modified fillers, and fiber-filled materials. The choice of method and materials depend on the nature of the cracks and weather conditions.