Parking Lot Sealcoating At Night

 Asphalt Specialties LLC is an asphalt paving/resealing company in Gooding, ID and they specialize in customer satisfaction and on time job completion. Recently they completed a parking lot sealcoating job at night! Asphalt Specialties LLC are so good at what they do they can do their job at night. If you are interested and you parking lot or driveway is in bad shape please read on because we would love to work with you someday.


 What Is Sealcoating?

 Asphalt is primarily made of rock, stone, or gravel and some kind of bonding agent, the bonding agent is made of certain crude oils and maintaining this bonding agent is essential to keeping the longevity of the asphalt parking lot or driveway.

 Unfortunately when rain, U.V. rays, and certain chemicals come in contact with the asphalt the bonding agents tent to weaken and your driveway and or parking lot becomes brittle and prone to crack and separate which is why you need to have a maintenance program that uses sealcoating to extend your driveway or parking lot's life.

 "What is sealcoating" you may ask, sealcoating is the process in which an emulsion type product is used to reseal your paved area and keep it from receiving any further damage.

 Can Sealcoating Help My Driveway/Parking Lot

 Yes absolutely it can! The sealcoating resealing system is designed to fully reseal your driveway or parking lot so that you do not have to worry about having to redo your entire driveway or parking lot.

 The best maintenance program would be to seal coat your asphalt area two to three years after you had it laid down and then four years after that and then minimally every four years thereafter to make sure your parking lot or driveway is in tiptop condition.

 Process of Sealcoating


Step 1 - Preparation

First, We Begin By Evaluating The Current Condition Of Your Asphalt Surface And Foundations

Next, We Clean The Asphalt Surface With Rotary Brooms, Hand Steel Brooms Or Commercial Sweepers

Next, We Prime Oil And Gasoline Spots

Step 2 - Reparation

Secondly, We Begin By Filling Of Any Holes Or Potholes In Surface Of Asphalt.

Next, We Would Replace Or Repair Any Severely Damaged Area Of Asphalt.

Step 3 - Application

Thirdly, We Prepare The Proper Mixture Of Sealant Depending On Your Pavement And Needs.

Then We Apply The Appropriate Amount Of Coatings To Ensure Longevity And Protection Of Your Asphalt.

Step 4 - Re-Striping

Fourthly, We Replace Any Pavement Markings On Surface Prior To Seal-Coating.

Next, We Add Or Customize Lines Or Marking According To Your Desires. 

Step 5 - Clean Up Area

Finishing The Job Involves Cleaning Of Entire Area Of Job-Site To Leave It Looking Neat And Polished.

 Overnight Sealcoating Job

 As mentioned before Asphalt Specialties LLC did a sealcoating job at night and I will be telling you about it. First it started out with them cleaning the area of any debris that would hinder them from sealing the parking lot.

 Then they filled in any pot holes in the parking lot and replaced any asphalt beyond repair, because if there was a huge pot hole they could not reseal that, that thing is to far gone, that's why they fill them in.

 Then they mixed the batch of the sealcoating to reseal your parking lot, and spray down your parking lot with two to three layers of the black liquid depending on what your parking lot or driveway needs.

 Then we will wait for the parking lot to dry so we can repaint all the markings we covered up in the restoration process and add any markings that you want like more handicap spaces, more parking spaces, or maybe just arrows directing where your customers need to go.

 Lastly we clean up after ourselves if we make any messes or mistakes so your parking lot looks brand new with its fresh markings and new resealed finish, you will be the envy of the surrounding business'. If you happen to get one of our services go ahead and tell the businesses around you so we can work with them to.

 Moral Of The Story

 The moral of the story is that if you think that your parking lot or driveway is in bad shape please give us a call because if you need your lines repainted or your cracks sealed or you just want what was explained above or maybe you just want an asphalt driveway then you have come to the right place because at Asphalt Specialties LLC if it has anything to do with asphalt we've got you covered.

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