What Is Seal coating?

Seal coating is the process of applying an emulsion type product over the existing asphalt driveway that will seal and even fill small voids and cracks. This process can be completed to prevent additional damages to the pavement by weather and chemicals in contact with the driveway or parking area.

Proper maintenance

*The Best Seal coating and Maintenance Schedule To Follow* When a property manager or owner seal coats their driveway or parking lot within one to two years after it has been repaved with new asphalt, it should be seal coated at least four years later, and then minimally every four years thereafter.

Benefits Of Sealcoating

Will Sealing my asphalt help?

Will Seal coating make my driveway look better?

What else does Seal coating do?


Step 1 - Preparation

First, we begin by evaluating the current condition of your asphalt surface and foundations

Next, we clean the asphalt surface with rotary brooms, hand steel brooms or commercial sweepers

Next, we prime oil and gasoline spots


Step 2 - Reparation

Secondly, we begin by filling of any holes or potholes in surface of asphalt.

Next, we would replace or repair and severely damaged area of asphalt.


Step 3 - Application

Thirdly, we prepare the proper mixture of sealant depending on your pavement and needs.


Then we apply the appropriate amount of coatings to ensure longevity and protection of your asphalt.


Step 4 - Re-striping

Fourthly, we replace any pavement markings on surface prior to seal-coating.

Next, we add or customize lines or marking according to your desires. 


Step 5 - Clean up area

Finishing the job involves cleaning of entire area of Job-site to leave it looking neat and polished.

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Seal Coating in action!