The Importance Of Temperature Tracking In Asphalt Pavement

The Importance Of Temperature Tracking In Asphalt Pavement

Air and base temperatures are critical to the success of an asphalt pavement. The ideal conditions help in asphalt compaction and extend a pavement’s lifespan. Temperatures between 270 ° F and 325 ° F are ideal for manufacturing hot mix asphalt. The environmental conditions and the distance between the project site and manufacturing plant are some factors that cause the hot mix asphalt to lose around 5 ° F to 25 ° F. The base’s temperature after it passes through a laydown machine determines the time available for compaction.

If the base and air temperature are cooler than the requirements, then asphalt cools down, preventing it from obtaining the compacted density necessary for a sound pavement. Science proves that thinner pavement layers take considerably less time to cool down than thicker layers. Since the base and ambient temperature is low during the winter season, hot mixed asphalt cools down quickly, causing the patches to unravel and fall apart. Hot mix asphalt pavement that cool too quickly leave behind an entire surface of rough and rocky edges in no time. Additionally, they also leave behind a surface vulnerable to water and debris accumulation causing further damage to the asphalt pavement.

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Monitoring Environmental Conditions

Measuring the temperature of hot mixed asphalt after it passes through a paver helps us determine the ideal temperature for compaction. Historically thin lift applications are renowned for cooling significantly quicker than their thicker counterparts. Improper compaction, in this case, leads to rocky surfaces, the adverse effects of which we have already discussed.

Effective monitoring of the environmental conditions helps us in avoiding the pitfalls. Properly monitored pavement temperatures provide the quality control team grounds for achieving the optimal density. This helps in guaranteeing the optimal performance from an asphalt pavement. Teamed with good mix design and paving practices, frequent monitoring measures ensure long-term results for contractors and pavement owners.

Base Temperature

Base or ground temperature is more crucial to the pavement’s cause than the ambient air temperature. Ambient air temperature plays a key role in cooling hot mix asphalt, whereas base temperature ensures the surface’s efficient compaction. You can monitor and inspect the base temperature with the help of an infrared thermometer. All professional asphalt paving contractors ensure that the base temperature is above 50 °F at all times.

The base temperature plays a critical role in determining your pavement’s longevity. You need to ensure that you hire a professional asphalt installation service to look after your pavement’s needs as they are aware of proper temperature monitoring techniques.

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