Try The Cold Patch Method For Your Winter Asphalt Repairs!

Try The Cold Patch Method For Your Winter Asphalt Repairs!

Cold temperatures can cause cracks in your asphalt driveway or parking lot due to the freeze-thaw cycle. If left untreated during the winter months, these cracks will only grow larger as cold weather continues. Luckily, there is a cost-effective solution that you can do – cold patch asphalt repair method!

In this blog post, we’ll discuss how this method works and why you should repair your asphalt with cold patching during winters!

How Cold Patch Repair Works

First, cold patch asphalt repair is a temporary solution that only lasts through the winter months. It will need to be redone next year if your cracked areas are continuously exposed to cold temperatures and snowmelt throughout the winter season.

  • To cold patch the crack, you must first clean out any loose debris from both sides of the crack. Be sure that the edges are as smooth as possible before applying the cold patch asphalt repair method.
  • Pour the cold mix directly into the crack and tamp it down to ensure no gaps or air pockets are left in between. Keep on applying the cold patch until you’ve covered the entire length of the affected area!
  • Let the cold patching solution dry for about an hour after application, but note that you’ll need several hours of sunlight before you can drive on cold patch asphalt safely.

The cold mix material should be used within a few hours of mixing because it begins to harden quickly after that. You can use cold patch material that has been mixed in advance, but you should store it properly to keep the cold weather from ruining your asphalt cold patching solution.

Why Choose Cold Patch Repair?

A cold patch asphalt repair allows you to make quick fixes without the need for equipment or hot temperatures. It’s also less expensive than other options, and it provides greater flexibility in terms of timing since cold patching solutions are available in smaller quantities.

This cold patch method for winter asphalt repairs is excellent when you need to do something quickly and cheaply without the added costs of equipment or heating your area.

While cold patching solutions don’t always provide the same results as hot mixes, they still work well for small potholes and cracks that aren’t more than a few inches deep. However, the cold mix is only suitable for low-traffic areas because it’s not durable enough to withstand extremely heavy weight.

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