Using Warm Mix Asphalt Is Your Eco-Friendly Initiative

Using Warm Mix Asphalt Is Your Eco-Friendly Initiative

Warm mix asphalt is essentially asphalt engineered to be workable at lower temperatures, with reduced binder viscosity that allows adequate adsorption by the aggregate particles. The matter of viscosity is integral to the asphalt workability in cooler climates without curing issues encountered when the more viscous hot mix asphalt is used. The result is a far more sustainable product that will have long-term benefits for the environment.

Warm mix asphalt has the added edge of cost-effective preparation, long-distance hauling, easier overlaying, and optimal compaction. If you are already into reclaiming and recycling asphalt, then Asphalt Specialties suggests this be next on your list on eco-friendly initiatives!

WMA Is Eco-Friendly:

  1. Allows improved material preparation conditions with reduced bitumen fumes and no unpleasant odor at work sites.
  1. WMA cures fast, so newly paved surfaces can be opened to traffic sooner.
  1. Warm mix asphalt saves energy, heating, and related utility costs due to its lower preparation temperature range.
  1. No additional storage and transport equipment are required apart from the mixers.
  1. Since the bitumen is prepared and overlaid at optimally warm temperatures rather than hot, the material does not suffer significant thermal aging typical to HMA. The pavement requires fewer repairs and light maintenance in the long run.

Benefits of WMA in Asphalt Paving:

  1. Warm mix asphalt is renowned for its applicability at ambient temperatures lower than that required for hot mix asphalt and quicker curing. Hence an extended window of paving season is possible because projects finish on time.
  1. WMA facilitates better grade compaction and binding adhesion within the asphalt layers. This makes the pavement less susceptible to erosion.
  1. The oils in the asphalt last longer and prevent dryness and cracking, keeping the pavement at its iconic black color.
  1. Hot mix asphalt gets absorbed into aggregate during the design mix, causing issues later on, but warm asphalt shows surface adsorption for suitable binding.
  1. Warm mix asphalt is ideal for reclaimed asphalt pavement as the warm preparation temperatures have kept the oils and the bitumen’s chemical integrity intact throughout use.

WMA Is a Healthier Paving Option for Workers:

Warm mix asphalt is a safer and healthier choice for those working at paving and construction sites. There are fewer pollutants and smoke to breathe at the manufacturing facility and on-site, minimizing the risk of breathing problems. In hot regions with little ventilation, hot mix asphalt was a serious health concern but no more, thanks to its warmer alternative.

WMA Is a Diversly Applicable Paving Material:

You can use WMA for your driveway, paving projects, and even pavement patching repairs, and the material won’t budge from its place. Warm mix asphalt is a highly efficient and adaptable paving material. It may be used for a variety of applications, including varying road thicknesses. Whether a new road is needed or a pothole needs to be repaired, warm mix asphalt can sustain heavy loads without structural compromise. It’s resistant to heavy traffic, making it an excellent choice for highways and freeways.

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