What Are Asphalt Emulsions And Where Are They Used?

What Are Asphalt Emulsions And Where Are They Used?

Asphalt emulsions are a liquid asphalt product that is mixed with water to create asphalt cement. This mixture can be applied in many different ways, depending on the requirements of the project. Asphalt emulsions are commonly used for paving roads and pavement, sealing cracks or joints in asphalt pavement, repairing concrete surfaces, waterproofing roofs, and other structures. Asphalt emulsions can be applied on asphalt surfaces, such as driveways and sidewalks, to make them more resistant to wear and tear.


As asphalt emulsions are used in various applications, it is essential to note that asphalt emulsions should be applied differently for each application.

Below are some common asphalt emulsion applications:

Asphalt Emulsions as a Milling Aid – asphalt emulsions can be used to loosen and break up old asphalt that is being removed from an area to place new asphalt. This process is commonly referred to as milling.

Asphalt Emulsions in Pothole Repair – asphalt emulsions are often used to fill in potholes formed on asphalt roads.

Asphalt Emulsion for Crack Filling – asphalt emulsions can be applied over cracks in an asphalt surface before it is sealed, preventing water from seeping into the gap and causing further damage to the road surface.

Types of Surfaces Where Asphalt Emulsions Can be Applied

Asphalt emulsions can be used in asphalt pavement construction, asphalt maintenance, asphalt overlays, and asphalt repairs on various surfaces, including roads, parking lots, driveways, or playgrounds for better adhesion of successive layers.

Types of Asphalt Emulsion

Tack Coats

Tacks coats are known to enhance the bond between asphalt pavement layers. They significantly improve the strength and durability of asphalt pavement, thus reducing the need for resurfacing in the future.

What is a tack coat?

A tack coat is an asphalt emulsion containing asphalt with viscosities of less than 20 centipoises. This is applied to improve the adhesion between asphalt mixes or asphalt and aggregate, thus reducing the compaction on future layers.

Slurry Seals

Slurry seals are asphalt emulsions sprayed on asphalt pavement to fill in cracks and seal the asphalt together. The slurry seals harden, making it easier for vehicles to drive without slipping or sliding. Slurry seals provide excellent water management capabilities by reducing ponding issues along roadways during rainstorms but can also cause damage if not applied correctly.

Chip Seals

Asphalt emulsions are also used in chip seal applications. Chip seals are generally applied on asphalt pavements that require an extra layer of protection. It will help extend the life of your pavement as well as making it look better than before.

Chip seals are asphalt emulsions that are mixed with small asphalt chips. The asphalt mixture is applied to the asphalt pavement in multiple layers, each time rolling it out until a smooth finish results. When using a chip seal, you want to ensure your asphalt surface has been thoroughly cleaned and any debris removed before the application begins.

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