What Is Asphalt Raveling And How To Repair It?

What Is Asphalt Raveling And How To Repair It?

Although asphalt surfaces are strong, durable, and versatile, they require regular maintenance and repair. Otherwise, the shiny blacktop isn’t going to remain polished and beautiful, and the surface is slowly going to deteriorate in terms of both quality and performance. And the first signs of its deterioration is asphalt raveling.

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In today’s blog, we will help you better understand the meaning, causes, and repairing techniques for asphalt raveling.

Understanding Asphalt Raveling

Asphalt raveling occurs when the asphalt pavement is not maintained for a long time. The surface slowly disintegrates, causing small cracks and holes in the pavement to occur after the topmost layer of the asphalt pavement breaks apart.

Moreover, you may also notice gray marks and stains on the surface, indicating surface oxidation. These gray marks and stains also illustrate your pavement has fulfilled its full-service life and that a repair job may be required to restore its vitality and functionality.

Causes of Asphalt Raveling

When your asphalt’s aggregate particles separate from the binder, this is where the raveling issue arises. However, several reasons might cause raveling.

Poor Asphalt Installation

Often, asphalt pavers don’t compress the layers enough during the installation process, thereby provoking premature raveling. That’s why it is advised to ensure adequate compression of all layers to prevent asphalt raveling.

Weather Issues

During the installation procedure, it is crucial to keep the climatic and environmental changes in mind. Because regular exposure to sun rays, rain, air, snow, and other factors ultimately damages the asphalt surface and weakens the bond between the aggregate and binder.

Mechanical Dislodging

When heavy vehicles pass over the asphalt surface, dislodging of asphalt can occur. If this continues for some time, asphalt raveling can be visible on the surfaces.

How to Repair The Raveling Damages

The repair for raveling asphalt depends on the extent of damage it has caused to the surface. Following are the two repair methods.

Localized Repair

After a complete analysis, if you find raveling to be of minor extent, you can cover it with crack sealing, sealcoating, skin patching, or infrared heating. Just check that the raveling didn’t occur due to structural problems; otherwise, you may require a reasonable budget to repair it.

Extensive Repair

If you haven’t repaired raveling after its first few signs, then you may need to perform extensive repair on your asphalt surfaces. This includes mill and overlay or full-depth asphalt replacement and removal to repair the damage done by raveling.

Note that the process may be expensive and time-consuming, but it is essential for your pavement’s optimal performance.

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