Why Spring Is the Time To Sealcoat Your Pavement

Why Spring Is the Time To Sealcoat Your Pavement

The harsh weather conditions during the summer and winter mean that you need to prepare your pavement for the challenge ahead. The cold and dry winters and the hot and humid summer conditions land a severe blow to your pavement, especially if it is not maintained regularly.

While the conditions are entirely different at both times of the year, summer and winter contribute in a tag-team manner to damaging your pavement. The cracks left behind during the summer season expand to expose the foundation to the freezing moisture that eats away your pavement’s base.

As the property owner or manager, it is up to you to limit the damage and ensure your pavement is in shape at all times. While nature runs its course, you need to take pre-emptive measures to limit the damage and prepare your pavement for the challenges ahead. Sealcoating is the best way to cover the cracks and start the season afresh, and what better time to apply a fresh sealcoat than spring?

Although contractors generally agree to the benefits of sealcoating during spring, many suggest other seasons for the job. If you are not sure, contact a professional paving company like Asphalt Specialties, LLC in Burley, ID for guidance. Consider the following points while planning sealcoating for your pavement.

Repair and Reverse Winter Damage

As mentioned above, the winter season can be particularly severe on a pavement. Not paying attention to the damages of the winter season has severe implications as the costly repair and maintenance that follows eats away at your resources. Sealcoating your pavement once every few years is suggested to reverse and repair these damages.

Sealcoating also is a great way to restore the original look of your pavement, especially after the gloomy look it showcases during the winter season.

Ideal Curing Conditions

During spring, the moderate temperature and weather make it the perfect time to repair all pavement damages and subsequently sealcoating it to prevent further issues.

During the winters, the cold temperatures hamper the setting process. At the same time, during summers, the hot and humid conditions and the harsh UV rays prolong the setting process, leading to higher costs and potential damages in the future.

Curb Appeal

A beautiful pavement, sealcoated recently, looks great during the spring season. However, this is not the case for both the winter and summer seasons. 

The winter brings with it a pile of snow and a sense of gloom, not to forget the preceding autumn season and the falling leaves that accumulate on the pavement. The dry summers take the shine out of your pavement, and gives the impression that no one has tended to it for years.

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